Facelift: Lower Face And Neck Restoration

A facelift is a procedure that targets the client's face and neck. During a facelift treatment, radio waves penetrate the client’s outer skin layers, delivering heat energy to the muscles and tissue underneath.

The heat in a facelift treatment stimulates collagen production which triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in saggy skin and wrinkles.

Custom Beaute offers facelifts to  Amherst, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Clarence, Grand Island, Niagara Falls and the surrounding western New York area. Come to Custom Beaute to experience the best facelift around!


What are the benefits of Radio Frequency over other treatments?

  • Non-invasive and painless: no needles or blades involved
  • No downtime after the treatment
  • Uses the body’s own natural healing abilities to gain results
  • Improves muscle tone

How quickly will I see results?
You can see results after your first treatment. The treatment is progressive, so you will continue to see improved results after each treatment. After completion of your course, you may continue to see results.

Which areas can be treated?
Radio Frequency is effective on most areas of the face and body with loose or sagging skin. The face and neck are the most popular treatment areas.

Is the treatment painful?
The treatment should feel very warming on the skin, but not painful. Most people find the treatment relaxing and pleasant. The technician will always ask for your feedback to ensure the treatment is enjoyable and not uncomfortable.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?
After treatment, the skin may feel tight with mild redness. Therefore, it is important that you use a good moisturizer. These effects normally subside within 36 hours of treatment.

How long does it last?
As with anything, age will still occur. We recommend refreshing every three to six months for maintenance.

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