Cosmetic injections are an effective skin rejuvenation treatment, reducing wrinkles, lines, crow’s feet and others unwanted aspects of the skin. Cosmetic Injections work by filling deeper wrinkles, resulting in a softer and younger looking skin. One of the substances that we use to fill the wrinkles is Restylane Perlane.

Custom Beaute offers cosmetic injections in Amherst, Buffalo, Tonawanda, Williamsville, Clarence, Grand Island, Niagara Falls and the surrounding western New York area. The muscles in your face work in symmetry, and so should your injections.



Treatment to reduce forehead wrinkles near Buffalo, NY


Treatment to reduce your frown lines near Amherst, NY


Cosmetic injections treatment can reduce crows feet


Treatment to reduce bunny lines near Tonawanda, NY


Cosmetic injections treatment can reduce smile lines


Cosmetic injections can give volume to your lips


Cosmetic injection treatment near Buffalo


Your look can be improved by cosmetic injections


How long is a typical injections appointment?
Dermal filler treatments can be performed very quickly while remaining safe; Treatment in a single area might take as little as five minutes. When several injections are used in one area, it might take as long as 30 minutes.

How long does it take to recover from injections?
After your injection treatment, you’ll be ready to return to your normal routine right away. However, you might experience some mild soreness, swelling, tenderness or redness. These symptoms can clear up very quickly, but might last up to seven days. If you’ve received lip injections, it may be about 14 days before you have completely healed.

Can injections be used to get rid of undereye bags?
In most cases, puffiness under the eyes is caused by eyelid fat that bulges against the eyelid skin, often because of herniation. Although non-surgical methods cannot eliminate these “bags,” cosmetic injections can be used to significantly reduce the appearance of bags. Fillers add volume, allowing indentations to be smoothed out without using cosmetic surgery.

Can injections be used for acne scars?
The answer is yes! Injections are a great way to reduce and in some cases, eliminate acne scarring. They are generally most effective with rolling scars and boxcar scars. Plus, they can help restore the volume and fullness to the skin that can be reduced by acne scars and certain types of acne treatments.

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As a woman of a certain age, I’ve seen a few doctors for Botox and fillers, but the doctor is by far the very best I have ever met. He intuitively understood exactly what I was hoping to achieve. He also asked specific questions to fully comprehend my facial “issues”–I loved that. With his warmth and kindness, it’s easy to relax. Best of all–he gave me amazing results! He really comprehends facial surface and subsurface structure. My results are nothing short of outstanding. I can’t imagine going to anyone else!

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